The main task is to build a sustainable and solid economic environment in order to facilitate development and competitiveness in the forest sector enterprises

We are aware:

... that Latvian forest industry since gaining independence is a pillar of Latvian economy and constitutes:

  • 20% of Latvian exports of goods;
  • 30% of manufacturing industry;
  • 5-6% of gross domestic product.

Therefore, our work is focused on creating such a business environment that motivates industries and economic growth in future!

... that the Latvian forest sector is one of the most important employers:

  • More than 80% of jobs are established outside Riga;
  • Since 2009, the number of jobs in the sector has increased by 8,000 employees;
  • Since 2009, the average wage in the wood industry, according to the State Revenue Service data, has increased by more than 40%.

Therefore, our work is focused on the creation of such a business environment that motivates establishing and maintaining sustainable jobs!

... that only purposeful land management will encourage prosperity of Latvia:

  • more than half territory of Latvia is covered by forests, where sustainable forestry is being implemented;
  • more than 70 thousand Latvian residents over the past five years have gained income from their own forests;
  • each Euro derived by the owner from the forest felling sales, Latvian forest sector multiplies six times. More than 90% of exports consist of industrial wood products;
  • Latvian forestry widely uses scientific recommendations and new products created by scientists.

Therefore, our work is focused on building meaningful economic thinking in order to facilitate national prosperity!

... that wood products is the most human material:

  • By skilful use of knowledge and technologies, wood has a broad range of applications - from furniture, building materials and fuel, ending with food, cloth, fire protection elements and load-bearing structures of modern cars, trains and liquefied gas tankers;
  • wood products not only create a healthier environment around us, but also work as carbon storages, which reduces global climate changes.

Therefore, our work is aimed to increasing use of locally produced wood products also in the homeland!