Latvian Forest Industry Federation

The unifying power of industry's input in growth of Latvian economy!

Latvian Forest Industry Federation members are associations of the industry, unifying active and socially responsible forestry, primary processing, further processing enterprises, wooden houses and furniture manufacturers.

Therefore, with a great sense of responsibility we can say that we represent the forestry activities and wood products manufacturing industry, because:

  • association members compile 65% * of the total turnover in the sector;
  • our members employ 35% * of people employed in the sector;
  • our members pay 52% * of the industry's labour tax amount.

*excluding forest owners

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Latvian Union of Timber Harvesting  Enterprises

Unites forestry companies focused on acquisition of forests and felling areas and sales of round timber

Founded: in 1994

President: Janis Bertrans

Executive Director: Reinis Muiznieks

Address: Skaistkalnes street 1, Riga, LV 1004 

[email protected]   

Phone:   +371 26224461

Latvian Association of Independent Timber Harvesting Companies

Unites Latvian timber harvesting companies and service providers related to timber harvesting

Founded: In 2003.

President: Andis Araks

Executive Director: Arturs Bukonts    

 Address: Skaistkalnes street 1, Riga, LV 1004 

[email protected]    

Phone:  +371 22015715 

"Latvian Association of Biomass"Unites producers of wood and other renewable energy resources, traders and energy producers using wood as a fuel.

Founded: 2008

Chairman of the Board: Didzis Palejs

Project Manager: Beāte Paleja

 Address: Skaistkalnes 1, Riga, LV 1004 

[email protected]    

Phone:  +371 29929922 

Latvian Association of Wood Processing Entrepreneurs and ExportersAssociation uniting companies operating in wood processing industry, from logging and lumber production, ending with manufacturing of wood furniture components, furniture, building components and finished wood houses, as well as sales of wood products

Founded: in 1993

Chairman of the Council: Armands Upitis

Executive Director: Arturs Bukonts      

 Address: Skaistkalnes street 1, Riga, LV 1004 

[email protected]    

Phone:  +371 22015715    

Association „Latvian Wood” First organization established in industry after gaining independence. Today, it mainly unites board producers, hardwood processing companies and science and professional education institutions of industry.

Founded: in 1990

President: Pauls Bekeris

Executive Director: Sigita Alksne

Address: Skaistkalnes street 1, Riga, LV 1004

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: +371 26814105

Latvian Timber Producers & Exporters Association
Unites largest softwood round logs processing companies, manufacturers of boards and wood packaging, exporters of fence elements and lumber.

Founded: in 1998

President: Janis Apsitis 

Executive Director: Kristaps Klauss

Address: Skaistkalnes street 1, Riga, LV 1004 

[email protected]    

Phone:  +371 67067369

Furniture Producers Association in LatviaAssociation uniting manufacturers of furniture, furniture parts and furniture components.

Founded: in 2001   

Chairman of the Council- President: Juris Griķis 

Member of the Board - Executive Director: Ieva Erele

 Address: Skaistkalnes street 1, Riga, LV 1004 

[email protected]  

Phone: +371 26594141

Latvian Cluster of Wood Construction  Unites producers of wooden houses and educational and research institutions acting in this field.

Founded: in 2012

Executive Director: Kristaps Ceplis

Address: Skaistkalnes street 1, Riga, LV 1004

E-mail: k[email protected]

Phone: +371 25908122